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A Buford Foundation Camp

Our Camp Confidence program has impacted over 1200 Omaha students to date. We have a one-year program that gives students mentorship, confidence, leadership, communication, goals development and teamwork skills and activities that include two separate summer camps. Confidence to us means two things: gaining it through education and experience and learning how to best use it at home and in your community. The Buford Foundation is the only organization in Omaha with a one-year nature-based experiential and service learning program to give all students the tools they need to succeed in all facets of life.

Camp Confidence is a one-year program in Omaha with two summer camps in Wyoming. Our students learn to Discover Respect: discover and respect nature, themselves and each other!

This program starts in Omaha with teambuilding, goal development and communication activities. The first camp in summer one is one-week long in Centennial, Wyoming followed by continued skills building curriculum upon their return to Omaha. The second camp in summer two is two-weeks in Alpine, Wyoming to connect all the skills building and confidence gained over the year. Each camp completes service projects in Wyoming culminating is a service learning project back in Omaha. Our goal is to build self-esteem, maintain it over the year and create young leaders connected to each other, nature and Omaha.

This is a true experiential learning outdoors program focused on positive youth development and service learning! The uniqueness of our program is being able to take students to our lands in Wyoming to do things there that they cannot do in Omaha. The impact has always come home to Omaha as we connect those lessons back home with activities in the local area.

Our Mission

The Buford Foundation exists to make a difference in the lives of Omaha youth. Through Camp Confidence programs, youth develop confidence and self-reliance, learn mutual respect and deepen intuition and natural curiosity. We seek to help youth strive toward their full potential.

Know an Omaha youth who could use a confidence boost?

Our History


Founded in 1975 we have been bringing groups of youth to Wyoming for over 40 years! From our


Acquisition of Centennial Camp


First Multi-Year camp for continued education.

Private: Heart Ministry Center

We have taken our youth mentoring group to Camp Confidence with great results!  It is the pinnacle of our yearly

Our Leadership

Stephanie Purcell

Operations Manager
Buford Foundation

Tom Pritchard

Board President
Steier Group

Joseph McCaslin, MD

Board Vice President
Methodist Hospital

Regina Taylor, PhD

Board Secretary
Creighton University

Karie Milford

Board Treasurer
Milford Real Estate

Heidi Pospisil

Board Member

Sarah Moore, JD

Board Member
Deputy Douglas County Attorney

Chris Hedican

Board Member

Amie Konwinski

Board Member
Smart Girl Society

Jeannine Lane

Board Member

Greg Oswald

Board Member

David Manglesen

President Emeritus

William Lindsay, JD

Community Advisor
Gross & Welch Attorney

Thomas Purcell, III, JD, CPA

Community Advisor
Creighton University Professor of Accounting

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