Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we take our students to Wyoming for the camps?  The answer – because we can!  We have over 400 acres of land in Wyoming at two different locations near two different mountain ranges: the Snowy Range Mountains and the Grand Tetons.  The Grand Tetons are arguably the most beautiful part of this amazing country and something you simply cannot find in Nebraska.  Our students have never seen mountains let alone hiked one and summited the top of the Snowy Range National Forest.   We also have very unique opportunities at our locations.  For example, two-thirds of our property in Centennial,

The following is a suggested clothing and supply list for summer camp.  Please bring as many of these items as possible. If you have problems with anything on this list, please call Buford Foundation’s Executive Director Cliff McEvoy at (402) 312-2920. Each camper is allowed to bring one canvas/nylon duffel bag (no oversize bags.)  Please bring one day pack (small lightweight backpack).  Also, bring one sleeping bag (preferably the type which rolls tight – inside it’s own nylon storage sack.) Clothing 2-3 pairs of pants (sweatpants, running pants) 1 pair of jeans 3-4 t-shirts 1-2 long sleeve shirts sweatshirt warm jacket pairs of hiking shorts (not tight or too short) pair

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