Frequently Asked Questions

Why Wyoming?

Why do we take our students to Wyoming for the camps?  The answer – because we can!  We have over 400 acres of land in Wyoming at two different locations near two different mountain ranges: the Snowy Range Mountains and the Grand Tetons.  The Grand Tetons are arguably the most beautiful part of this amazing country and something you simply cannot find in Nebraska.  Our students have never seen mountains let alone hiked one and summited the top of the Snowy Range National Forest.


We also have very unique opportunities at our locations.  For example, two-thirds of our property in Centennial, Wyoming is jointly used by the Buford Foundation and the US Fish and Wildlife.  We work together to maintain the conservation of the Laramie basin.  We also work with zoos and biologists across the country in an ongoing project for the past thirty years to bring back a federally endangered species: the Wyoming Toad.  This affords us activities such as teaching our students about nature, conservation and species diversity.  This year a zoologist from the Toledo Zoo came and gave a presentation to our girl’s camp about being a woman in a scientific career field and her projects on our property.  Then they were able to immediately walk outside to the lake we jointly created for the purpose of protecting the Wyoming Toad and help the project.  This is a perfect service learning project for our program.

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