Grow with Camp Confidence

Camp Confidence is growing!  We have continued to grow our programming since 2014 by adding one camp each summer to include three camps this year in 2017. Next year we will have a full compliment of four summer camps (two 1-week and two 2-week camps). This is also due to implementing our new one-year Camp Confidence program. All students that participate in our program are nominated, apply and awarded scholarships. We have thirty-six students in our program right now and are expanding to forty-eight next year.

We have learned the benefit of a comprehensive one-year program for our participants. It is critical for us to be able to sustain our program throughout and entire year. No longer will students simply go to a single camp one summer of their life. Now, they join our year-long program, go to a confidence camp, have activities throughout an entire calendar year building off that confidence and putting it into action in a second camp the following summer which is twice as long and focuses on directing the built confidence internally as a respectful person and externally as a respectful member of a larger community. This is imperative as we move forward working on positive youth development throughout a full year of a student’s life!

Give the gift
of confidence.