One Year, Now Two Camps

Camp Confidence is a one-year, two-camp program with Omaha community activities throughout the year. In the past, we have taken students to Wyoming for a one-off camp experience. This new program incorporates our traditional camps with a more robust pre and post camp curriculum. We have done a great job giving students a confidence building camp without maintaining the skills and outcomes when they return home. Plus, the uniqueness of our program is being able to take students to our lands in Wyoming to do things there that they cannot do in Omaha. The impact has always come home to Omaha, but now we can better connect those lessons back home with more activities in the local area.

This program starts with pre-camp team-building exercises in Omaha. The first camp in summer one is a confidence camp in Centennial, Wyoming followed by continued skills building curriculum upon their return to Omaha. The second camp in summer two is a leadership camp in Alpine, Wyoming to connect all the skills building and confidence gained over the year. Both camps focus on positive youth development and service learning. Each camp completes service projects in Wyoming culminating is a service learning project back in Omaha. Our goal is to build self-esteem, maintain it over the year and create young leaders connected to nature and Omaha. This is a true experiential learning program focused on positive youth development and service learning!

Give the gift
of confidence.