Heart Ministry Center

We have taken our youth mentoring group to Camp Confidence with great results!  It is the pinnacle of our yearly and summer youth program in North Omaha.  Our kids look forward to going every year!  I am also excited to hear that the Buford Foundation’s Camp Confidence program is now taking students two summers in a row.  It has had a huge impact on our group to be able to go back year after year!

We believe in what the Buford Foundation provides our mentees.  Most of our kids have never left the city of Omaha.  This camp provides them the opportunity to see mountains for the first time, experience the wonder of nature that just isn’t possible in a city setting.  They also provided a service learning opportunity by helping the local Parks and Forest service.

The Heart Ministry Center believes in the dignity of all and the Buford Foundation assists us in giving some very deserving students in North Omaha the opportunity to see beyond their current situation and create lifelong bonds and experiences.  They come home with courage, confidence and excitement for the future!  As one mentee said when asked the best thing about camp, he replied, “People don’t judge… it’s a feeling that someone is there for you… it just changed my whole life.”

Give the gift
of confidence.